A minimal self-hostable streaming setup. ## Setup `brook` is a modular project, meaning that many different components come together to provide a lightweight streaming setup. Following is a quick overview of components. * `ffmpeg` - running an rtmp server, and converting video to dash output format * `nginx` - serves the dash directory * `prosody` - An XMPP server to back the chat room * `brook-web` - a simple static HTML front-end, supporting dash.js video playback, and an XMPP web chat via converse.js * `brook-metrics` - a server-side service to track viewer metrics ## Configuration I'm running my brook instance on NixOS, and as such a lot of the configuration is Nix specific. For other linux distributions, or to consider a reference implementation for other systems, check the [`common`](./common) directory. ### NixOS If you want to use XMPP chats, you need to configure prosody yourself - `brook` will only setup the anonymous user virtualhost to be used by the brook-web chat. Get started by importing the module. ```nix imports = [ /path/to/brook/nix ]; ``` After that you can use the various `brook` submodules to configure your streaming setup. ```nix services.brook = { nginx = { enable = true; hostAddr = ""; acmeHost = ""; }; prosody = { enable = true; certRoot = "/var/lib/acme/"; }; dash = { enable = true; name = ""; }; }; ```